Princess in Waiting

Princess in Waiting – Meg Cabot

Original title: Princess in Waiting

I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5 possible.

Princess in Waiting is the fourth book in The Princess Diaries series. The series is about Princess Mia of Genovia. The earlier books are The Princess Diaries, Princess in the Spotlight and Princess in Love. The next one is called Princess in Pink, if you don’t count the four-and-a-half-book Project Princess. I haven’t read the half-books because they aren’t in our library, but maybe they’re worth to buy?

I read this series for a few years ago but I decided to read it again, this time in English. The series is much better in English than Swedish, I guess it’s not that easy to translate it. For example, you shouldn’t translate the cat’s name, that’s just mean to the cat.
I like The Princess Diaries series. Princess in Waiting isn’t so good that I thought the first ones was, but it’s often like that—the first ones are the best. But I know it’ll be better later in the series, because I’ve read them.

The series make me feel smart. Mia isn’t so smart, so it often takes a while before she knows what to do or what somebody ment by saying something. It’s very nice when you can say what’s going to happen, but not how. Meg Cabot makes Mia unsmart in a smart way. That’s why I like the series, it’s very cleverly written.

If you like girly books, you should read The Princess Diaries series. Meg Cabot is a really good writer.

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