Måndag/Monday #49

I received three books in the mail today. As you might know, I collect Nancy Drew books. For a while, my newest additions to my collection have been from the newest Nancy Drew series (Nancy Drew Diaries), that has not yet been translated to Swedish, and a graphic novel. My collection is Starring to grow! When I happen to walk past a book that is not in my collection, this mostly happens in second hand stores nowadays, I usually pick them up if the price tag is not too much and I don’t have too many unread Nancy books at home. A week or so ago, I saw three Nancy Drew books being sold as a package on the internet at a very reasonable price. So, I bought them, yay! The books are: An Instinct for Trouble, The Case of the Captured Queen and The Ghost of the Lantern Lady. The books are in great shape and I look forward to read them!

I just finished reading River Marked by Patricia Briggs. It’s the sixth book in the Mercy Thompson series. It’s not the best book in the series this far but I still enjoyed it really much! I love this series!

Have you bought or borrowed any books lately? What are you currently reading?

About Yrsha

I love reading, writing and sending letters and postcards. I have (too) many plants and enjoy being out in the forest.
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