Weekly update #80

We have started reading The Hollow Man (my copy: Den ihålige mannen) by John Dickson Carr together at work. There are a lot of names and sometimes it’s a bit confusing who is speaking and doing something. I started an excel sheet so that we can both keep track of the characters and so that we can enter guesses for who the murderer is. We have read a couple of cosy crime books before, I like reading those for our style of book circle, and we have never saved the guesses like this before. It will be interesting to see how many have guesses correctly (or not) in the end.

Since last week, I’ve finished reading Howl’s Moving Castle (liked it) and Heat Wave (did not like it). I’m curious to see the movie Of Howl’s Moving Castle now to compare, it was a long time ago I saw it so I don’t remember much.

I was reading Heat Wave as part of a challenge, reading books by the same name. I have a couple of more books to read in that challenge before I share all my thoughts. The books are quite varied so it’s going to be interesting to see where we end up.

On the creative part there has not been much activity this week. My eyes have been a bit tired so when I have ended my working day I haven’t really been in the mood for looking at things at close distance. They are better now so I think there will be more things happening soon.

What have you been up to?

About Yrsha

I love reading, writing and sending letters and postcards. I have (too) many plants and enjoy being out in the forest.
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