Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice – Anonymous

Original title: Go Ask Alice

Everything started with LSD in a soft drink in a party game. Alice gets addicted to drugs, runs away to start a new life and writes about it in her diary. You follow her fight to get clean. Based on a true story.

We got to read this book as an English assignment. At first I felt a bit bad because I hate reading this kinds of books, but even though it’s a horrible story I believe that it is good to have read it. The story is placed in the USA during the 70th, before they started to know so much about drugs.

Go Ask Alice isn’t a book I would re-read but I think I’m a bit glad that I read it. Good book – but I hate it.

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I love reading, writing and sending letters and postcards. I have (too) many plants and enjoy being out in the forest.
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3 Responses to Go Ask Alice

  1. I had a book that I believe was “Go ask Alice” as reading assignment myself in the early 90s. The early chapters were a little disturbing to me, because the drugs were painted in a rather positive light that could have caused the book to have the opposite effect to what was (presumably) intended with some teenagers.

    As an aside, there have been some doubts cast on how much true story the book actually contains.

    • Yrsha says:

      Yes, I was thinking the same about the drugs in the beginning.
      I’ve heard that it’s been said that it’s more than one story put together to one, but I guess we’ll never know about that.

  2. I have recently read this book too. I thought it was very eye opening into the life of an addict. I would recommend it to any parent of a teen.

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