Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

Original title: Pride and Prejudice

I give this book 5 stars our of 5 possible.

A classic book. Mr. Bingley, a rich, young and handsome man arrives to the neighbourhood with his dear friend Mr. Darcy. Everyone in the area finds Mr. Darcy as a boring and self-important person, but everyone likes Mr. Bingley. Mrs. Bennet, the mother of the main character, can’t wait to get Mr. Bingley married to one of her daughters.

Jane Austen was a brilliant author! Not everyone can write about everyday-stuff and get it to be interesting for the reader. She more describes the people in the book than the time they’re living in, which I think is one of the reasons why it’s timeless. There’s been more than one movie and TV-series produced based on this book. The story is working in any time at any place, such as the movie “Bride and Prejudice”.

I completely love this book! Absolute worth reading.

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  1. I love a lot of the classic novels. I think they struck a perfect balance between plot and character. Pride and prejudice didn’t really hit the spot with me. Maybe it’s a male -female thing. Learners of English might want to check out classics such as Pride and Prejudice in an easier form than the original. “Graded readers” are an excellent resource for people learning English. They usually come in six different levels. Level one is the easiest and level six is the most difficult. Here’s a picture of one (if Alice allows the link).

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