Lock and Key

Lock and Key – Sarah Dessen

Original title: Lock and Key

I give this book 5 stars out of 5 possible.

Ruby Cooper always expect the worst. That way she’ll never get disappointed.
When Ruby’s mum abandons her, she gets to move to her sister Cora – with whom she hasn’t been speaking to for like ten years. Ruby does not want to be there – she hates to owe someone. And besides, she can live on her one, she’s done it before. Will Nate, the boy next door, help her to realise that it’s okay to let somebody in?

I loved this book! The story, the characters, the wisdom. Sarah Dessen always have this person who is wise. Perfect? No, but wise. The person has realised how to look at things. When you read it you can’t help but think “Yes, it’s true!”. This is my third book I’ve read by Sarah Dessen and I’ve come to the conclusion that she has to be very wise to be able to come up with it and write it down.

This is not a typical “girly book” where the main character sees a boy and fall madly in love with him after just meeting him once and can’t live without him. I think Sarah Dessen’s books are more realistic, easier to believe in. And easier to embrace.

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