Firelight – Sophie Jordan

Original title: Firelight

Series: #1

Other books in series: Vanish

I give this book 5 stars out of 5 possible.

Jacinda is a draki, she can shift between human and dragon form. She has the ability to breathe fire which makes her special. There are not many dragons who are able to do that.
And this thing happens so she has to go away and hide from the other dragons. And dragon hunters. The problem is that her draki spirit fades and she really doesn’t like that.

It’s got dragons! Dragons are cool, I like dragons.

Usually when I read a book I’m often with the character in her/his choices (you know Peeta/Gale, Edward/Jacob) I want the same as the main person wants. But I didn’t in this book. Jacinda liked Will. I liked Cassian. (I don’t know how fussy you are about spoilers. I’m not sure this is one.)

I really liked this book. I can’t really put my finger on what made this book good. I liked the language. There is this typical American YA-plot; you fall in love with the person you shouldn’t because it’s dangerous for you. So, what made this book different to the others? Of course, there’re the dragons- which is awesome. I don’t usually like the fact that the main character fall in love at first sigh, I think it’s a bit silly. I think you could say that that happens in this book too, but it feels different in this one. I don’t really know how to explain it.

I can’t wait to read Vanish. I really want to know what happens next. There was this sneak peak with the first chapter of it in the end. And it was really good.

I think you should read this book. Especially if you like dragons.

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1 Response to Firelight

  1. Firelight var en besvikelse för mig. Jag lockades av draktemat men gud, Jacinda är så himla jobbig. Hon förstörde boken för mig. Kommer förmodligen inte att läsa vanish såvida den inte får lysande recensioner.

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