Half-Blood – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Original title: Half-Blood

Series: Covenant #1

Other books in this series: Daimon (#0.5), Pure (#2), Deity (#3, not released yet)

Click on the picture to read the synopsis of this book. That one is much better than mine.

First, I have to say that this series has a few similarities with Vampire Academy. I really like the Vampire Academy series, but I like when a book is its own and not is compared to another book because of the similarities while reading it. The similarities comes pretty much from the start (read the invisible text to see them): Alex is on the run from her school where she gets trained to hunt daimonds. Someone comes and catch her and drives her back to school. While she has been away from school she is behind so she gets extra training (with a private trainer of course) – and if she is caught up after the summer she gets to stay. Sounds familiar?

Even though it reminded me of Vampire Academy, I liked it and the further in the book I came, the more itself it became. After ending the book I thought that I was going to wait until the library bought in Pure so I could borrow it. But then I read the first two chapters on Jennifer L. Armentrount’s website, and I am not sure about that anymore. I can not wait until I get to read the whole book!

It is hard not to compare Half-Blood with Vampire Academy. The plot, the characters. But then the story changes and it starts to be its own.

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