The Golden Lily

The Golden Lily – Richelle Mead

Original title: The Golden Lily (2012)

Series: Bloodlines #2

Bloodlines is a spin-off series to Vampire Academy.

Other books in this series: Bloodlines, The Indigo Spell (not released yet)

I had a hard time putting this book away, I wanted to read the whole book in one sitting. The book is not very fast going, but that does not bother me. It is really cosy and Richelle Mead is an author that can write about the everyday life without it getting boring.

I was a bit confused by the time span here. Sydney mentions that it only was a month since they began at the school a few times. Was it only me that thought the first book was during a longer time period? And that makes me wonder, for how many days were this book?

Sydney has a bad self-confidence, she never think of herself and is very picky with her food, but she has everything under control. She fixes everything. I like her. I think Richelle Mead is going to be able to make her grow as a person in a very smooth way thoughout the series. I did not like Brayden, though. He was like Sydney in a lot of ways, they shared a lot of things, but he was not helping her with her self-confidence. There was this feeling about him.

I love Adrian. His comments and his personality in general. Keep this up Adrian!

This is the second book in this series. I think there are going to be six? I have a few thoughts about what might happen. I will wait and see if it turns out as I think it might, or if Richelle Mead will surprise me.

Bloodlines is right now on my list of favourite series (even though it changes all the time). I cannot wait until The Indigo Spell is released!

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