Magic Flutes

Magic Flutes – Eva Ibbotson

Original title: Magic Flutes (1982)

Tessa works as an under wardrobe mistress at the Viennese opera. Guy buys a castle for his fiancée. He also hires the opera company to come to the castle and play the opera Magic Flutes.

I like Eva Ibbotson’s books for older readers. I’ve earlier read The Secret Countess (Grevinnan) in both English and Swedish and The Morning Gift (Morgongåvan) more than once in Swedish. I think that Magic Flutes will be re-read too.

I like how the relationships is built up during the book. That’s what makes the book so nice and cosy. There is no love at first sight that doesn’t make any sense, the once that feel unnatural and non-believable. I’m always happy when I find a book where the author is able to built up a believable relationship.

I think this book has a more advanced English than I’m used to. I don’t think it’s too hard. It just made me read more carefully to not miss anything. It made me read slower, and the book lasted longer. I didn’t mind that, though.

This book is also about status. How people treat others differently depending on who they are, and in many cases how much money they’ve got. How do you treat an under wardrobe mistress? How do you treat an orphan? How do you treat a “normal” person?

It is also about music. Music matters more than you think. Some people are willing to spend a lot of money on it, others live for it. And others don’t even bother.

Similar books by Eva Ibbotson: A Company of Swans, A Song For Summer, The Morning Gift, The Secret Countess

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