Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell
Original title: Fangirl (2013)
Publishing house: Pan MacMillan

Read about the book here.

I had read a lot of good things about Fangirl before I started reading it. I did not really have any plans on reading it soon, but then I walked passed it in the library and thought ‘why not?’.

Before I started reading the book I was a bit sceptic to the whole fanfiction-writing, that might have been one of the reasons I did not try to read it before I did. I have never really tried reading any fanfiction, I am fine with reading the original stories and keep my versions of the characters. (Depends on what fanfiction is defined as – what about books like Jane and Longbourn?) I think it turned out great in Fangirl. Fanfiction is a huge part of Cath’s life and it was nice to actually get to read some of her fanfiction  –  and small parts of the story her fanfiction was based on. These bits of stories, that Cath wrote, helps the reader to get the feeling of how important these are to Cath.

I think many can identify themselves with Cath. This is one of the reasons I liked this book, that there is a lot with Cath that I can identify myself with. Cath is, for example, not someone who desperately needs to go to all the parties and get drunk, she stays rather home and write on her stories.

When I was younger, I always wanted a twin. There is a twin in this book!

Now, a few days after I finished Fangirl, it feels like I almost like it more now than when I read it. It is either that I forgot the things I thought a little less about, or it is one of these books that continue growing on you after finishing it.

I definitely recommend this book. I think this is a book I will re-read in the future. Now, I think I will have to check out Eleanor & Park.

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