On social media

I have been going around thinking about getting an Instagram account for the blog for a while. I mean, how cool would it not be to have an account full of pretty books to look at?

So, I am on Instagram now.

These are three of the pictures I have instagrammed so far; a book I read for my book circle, my third edition of The Secret Garden (so pretty!) and my newest bookmarks.

Are you on Instagram? Who should I follow? My user name is yrschareadthisone if you want to follow me.

I am also on Twitter; haveyoureadthis.

And on Goodreads. I would love to be your friend on Goodreads!

Speaking of Goodreads, how great is it not that we now are able to re-read books and get to keep all the dates? Iiiih!


About Yrsha

I love reading, writing and sending letters and postcards. I have (too) many plants and enjoy being out in the forest.
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