Princess in Training

Princess in Training – Meg Cabot

Original title: Princess in Training

I give this book 4 stars out of 5 possible.

Don’t happen so much in this book, but I like it. It’s not so many authors who can write a book like this. I mean, not so boring even if it’s not happening so much. They’re nice to read. I think they’re best to read in English, I’ve read almost everyone in Swedish before (a few years ago) and the translation wasn’t that good compared to the English version.

If you like girly books, I think you’ll like this series.

Princess in Training is the sixth book in The Princess Diaries series. The ones before are called The Princess DiariesPrincess in the SpotlightPrincess in Love (and Project Princess), Princess in Waiting and Princess in Pink. The next two ones are (a half-book called The Princess Present) Party Princess and (one half-book again Sweet Sixteen Princess and one 3/4-book called Valentine Princess) Princess on the Brink.

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