Bloodlines – Richelle Mead
Original title: Bloodlines
Series: Bloodlines #1
Continued by: The Golden Lily

I give this book 5 stars out of 5 possible.

This is a spin-off series to Vampire Academy, so it will be spoilers in this book. And in the review.

Sydney is an alchemist. They protect humans from knowing about vampires. Even though the head of the alchemist are disappointed with her because of her last adventure, she convinces them to send her and not her sister on a “mission”. A moroi is in mortal danger and goes into hiding, and it’s Syndey’s duty to protect her. And live with a vampire.

I really liked this book! I’ve heard different things about this book. Some have been a little disappointed after Vampire Academy and others have loved it. I belong to the second group.

I like spin-off series. Too often there’s this good series but it gets too long. Probably because many likes the series so they decide to keep writing books. But with spin off-series it’s by the same author(s) and in the same world and very often the characters you like are often in the new series but doesn’t have the same role.

I like the in-between-part the Alchemists have. There’re not so many books about people in-between. You have the ones about the vampires, and about them who didn’t know about vampires but then get to know about them. I think it’s smart to have a group of people who are keeping the vampires hidden from humans. Or protecting them from the vampires, depends on how you see it. I like their fear for them. Even though they’re in the vampire-world, they’re not used to interacting with them and be around them.

If you liked Vampire Academy, I definitely recommend this book. I can’t wait until The Golden Lily comes out!

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