Across the Universe

Across the Universe – Beth Revis

Original title: Across the Universe

Series: Across the Universe #1

Other books in this series: A Million Suns

When Amy goes into the cryo she believes that she is going to wake up 300 years later at a new planet. But that’s not really what happens. Someone unplugs her and she nearly dies. She is now on the space ship Godspeed with Elder and there’s still 50 years left before they land. And then there’s someone going around unplugging other frozen people who aren’t as lucky as Amy. They have to find the murderer!

One of many thoughts when I read this book was “it reminds me of The Host”. I do not know what it was that reminded me of it. Maybe it was because of the cryons, or the fact the doctor were called Doc, or that one of the main characters were considered a freak. Or it might just have been the science-fiction. I do not mind that it reminds me of The Host (by Stephenie Meyer), though, because I really liked that book.

I think many have thought about the idea to find a planet far far away that someday will have inhabitants from our planet. And how we would fly there in a giant space ship. Maybe with frozen people on the ship, that will live when we come there. I think that this idea is really interesting. And I think this is the first book I’ve read where they are making this trip to a new planet.

Some things in this book was pretty obvious what was going to happen. For those who have read this book: for example who Orion was. I figured that out quite fast. But most of the time I just read and took in the space ship. I like when an author have created a new community or a world to live in. To be able to travel in a space ship there are a lot of things that are needed and has to be working. I like to read how everything is working.

One thing I don’t really get is the obsession Elder seems to have about Amy. Sure, she is different from all the others. But I don’t get the attraction. She’s not the only girl on the ship. The only one in his age maybe.

I mostly liked this book. I am a bit curious on how Beth Revis continues this series in the sequel A Million Suns.

Oh, one cool thing: if you look the the two faces on the cover in a bad light, you see them moving closer to each other.

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3 Responses to Across the Universe

  1. aLva says:

    Hej fina människa!
    Hjälp folket i Västsahara att bli fritt från Marocko! Allt du behöver göra är att skriva ditt namn till en namninsamling här:

    Du gör skillnad

  2. I loved this book, great review! I can’t wait to read A Million Suns. Such a cool fact about the faces on the cover moving closer, too. 🙂

    New to your blog!
    Stepping Out of the Page

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