Dear Z #3

I started writing this post when I was rewatching Gilmore Girls like a year ago but I decided that it was time to post it now. This is a post completely devoted to Gilmore Girls. And books of course.

First up, there is this list with all books that are mentioned in Gilmore Girls. I tried to do a quick count to see how many of these I have read. 13 out of 339. Of the rest, I think there are at least 4 books that are on my Z-says-read-this-shelf on Goodreads. How many have you read? It would be a nice good challenge to try to read the whole list, but some of them I do not want to read so I will probably not.

Secondly, Lauren Graham (Lorelai the older) writes stuff. The latest one called Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything in Between came out in October 2016. I want to read it, I just have to decide whether I want to read it in English or Swedish.

And, when I did some research on Goodreads, I found out that there are some Gilmore Girls-books! The first one in the series is called Like Mother, Like Daughter. I want to read them even though I am pretty sure I am going to get disappointed, my experience is that books that comes from a tv series is rarely as good as the series. They were super expensive when I looked it up, though, so I guess I will have to pass.

Two are unofficial guides (that I know of).

And a second cookbook is coming out! Eat Like a Gilmore Not that I really have tried cooking much from the first book yet. I have tried two pesto recipes (one was much better than the other one) and chai latte. The chai latte recipe was not a hit, too bad. The milk got weird when I did as the recipe described. I am not sure if there is a significant difference in how the milk is here to the US or if I just did something wrong.

All this talking about Gilmore Girls makes me want to watch it again. Or maybe the newly made quartet, I still haven’t seen the last two. They are a bit long.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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I love reading, writing and sending letters and postcards. I have (too) many plants and enjoy being out in the forest.
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