Down the TBR Hole #11

Lost in a Story started with the Down the TBR Hole posts. I have written more about this in my first post in Swedish. Shortly it’s about cleansing your TBR shelf on Goodreads.

The Unexpected Everything – Morgan Matson
I have read two or three books my Matson previously. I have liked them but that’s it. It’s available in my audiobook app as an e-book so I will give it a try there.
Verdict: Stays.

Jesse’s Girl – Miranda Kenneally
I read Catching Jordan a few years back and thought it was cute. The library doesn’t have this one but I think I’ll keep it in the shelf for a little longer anyway.
Verdict: Stays.

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow – Jessica Day George
I am a little intrigued by this story. I think Goodreads might tell to much in their synopsis. I think I will keep this one for now, try something else by this author from the library or on audiobook and maybe buy this one if I like the writing style.
Verdict: Stays.

Violet Eyes – Debbie Viguié
This is a retelling of Princess and the Pea. I have two other books in this re-telling series, I liked them but found them a little slow. I have no idea what to do with this book so I guess it stays.
Verdict: Stays.

The President’s Hat – Antoine Laurain
I added this one to my audio book shelf, it seems to be a nice narrator.
Verdict: Stays.

Kaffe med rån – Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg
I have actually read this one since taking this screenshot.
Verdict: –

The Dirty Streets of Heaven – Tad Williams
I am trying to remember if someone has recommended this to me. I like the paranormal part with angels but otherwise I am not super interested. The library has i though so I guess I will add it to my to-borrow-shelf.
Verdict: Stays.

Uppstigandets brunn – Brandon Sanderson
I own this book and I really liked the first book in the series.
Verdict: Stays.

Garnet’s Story – Amy Ewing
While I read this series, I would probably have loved to read this short story but not now. I have forgotten what this series is about and don’t really have an interest in this novella anymore.
Verdict: Goes.

The House of the Stone – Amy Ewing
Same as above.
Verdict: Goes.

The Black Key – Amy Ewing
I do, however, want to finish this series and this is in the library. I might need to re-read the previous books first though.
Verdict: Stays.

The Winner’s Kiss – Marie Rutkoski
I know I borrowed the first two books in this series form the library. Now it’s nowhere to find, neigher in the library nor the audio book service. I think this one will have to go, I don’t remember so much of the earlier two books in the series and I would have to buy this (or all three) to continue.
Verdict: Goes.

How did it go this time?
Books in the TBR shelf at start: 240
Number of staying books: 8
Number of leaving books: 3
Total amount of leaving books: 43
Number of reserved books at the library:
Number of books put in to-borrow-shelf: 2
Number of books added to audiobook-account: 2
Current amount of books in my TBR shelf: 237

Many books staying this time, but that’s okay! I have now started to listen to The President’s Hat and I like it this far!

3 books left the TBR shelf this time (and actually one later on in the TBR shelf that was a duplicate of a book I’ve already red). The current amount of books in the shelf now is 237, three less that when we started. Considering that I am quite good at adding new books to the shelf, I think this is rather good.

What do you think, are there books here that you think should go or books that you think I should have kept?

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