Incurable – John Marsden

Original title: Incurable

Books in the series: While I Live, Incurable, Circle of Flight

After continuing to read the Ellie chronicles I couldn’t put the book down, I got my hands on this as soon as I culd.

The second book in the Ellie Chronicles was just as good as the first, the story doesn’t stop here. After Ellie has finally started to get her life back on track her adopted brother, Gavin’s step dad before he came into Ellie’s family has returned, and he’s not happy. 

After being involved in Liberation and raids across the border some good news about Gavin’s lost sister during the war and that they’ve been invited to visit. Except when they arrive his step father is there ready to murder Gavin for the information that he knows about the past.

Once again Marsden has done a brilliant job in holding his readers attention through the entire novel and keeps the reader wanting more at the end. I dread when I read the last book ever. I don’t know how he’ll end it but I know it will be amazing.

About Alicia

Alicia - Alicia is from Australia. She loves to read novels, especially if they are a chronicle. Alicia prefers to read Fantasy as you can let your mind run free. Her favourite author is Isobelle Carmody. Alicia also volunteers for Wildcare and Bats QLD rescuing and rehabilitating animals that need to come into care.
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