Mini reviews

I am going to do some small reviews again. Click on the pictures and you will come somewhere where you can read the synopsis.

Mycket mer än så – Sarah Dessen
Original title: Along for the Ride

Det började med att jag läste Sarah Dessens Mitt perfekta liv. Den var mycket omtyckt och jag bestämde mig för att läsa fler av hennes böcker. Det har dock dröjt ett litet tag innan jag tog mig för att läsa Mycket mer än så. Jag är nog glad att jag väntade. Det här är en väldigt somrig bok, jag läste den i rätt årstid. Jag tycker om översättningen på boken. Jag har bara läst två av hennes böcker på svenska och de här två (och What Happened to Goodbye) är nog de jag tycker om mest av hennes böcker. Bra karaktärer, bra språk. Vet inte riktigt om jag kan sätta fingret på vad som gör den bra, den är lagom mysig.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin
Series: Mara Dyer#1

I am not sure what I think of this book. Before I read this book I read a few reviews, they were very positive about this novel. But I do not know. I like the idea of not being able to remember what has happened. I did not really like the part when I could not be sure whether some parts were just in her head or if it was real. I think I am going to read the next one, to see how this is going to turn out. This was an okay read.

Divergent – Veronica Roth
Series: Divergent #1

Before I started reading this book, I had no idea what it was about. I had, however, heard lots of good stuff about it and thought I would give it a try. I was a bit doubtful against the book at first. I was a bit confused by the factions, it was too much information at the same time and I was not sure I was going to like this book. After the selections things started happening and it got harder to put it down – I had to know what was going to happen next. I had mostly no idea what was going to happen, I like books that are not that predictable. I am looking forward to see what happens next in Insurgent.

There was something that felt wrong, though. Four’s real name. It felt wrong. I did not think the name suited him. For those who have read the book, what do you think? Is it the right name for him?

Vad mina vänner inte vet – Sonya Sones
Original title: What My Mother Doesn’t Know
Series: What my Mother Doesn’t Know #1

Efter att ha läst En sån där vidrig bok där mamman dör kände jag att jag ville läsa Sonya Sones andra böcker. Jag hade flera gånger sett den här boken men har inte varit så sugen på att läsa den. Men efter att ha läst hennes andra bok hoppades jag på att få läsa flera böcker i samma stuk. Samma stil var det, diktformen, men inte alls lika bra. Jag tyckte inte om huvudpersonen och jag tyckte inte att boken var något vidare. Jag tror att mest berodde på Sophie, huvudpersonen.

Vad min flickvän inte vet – Sonya Sones
Original title: What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know
Series: What My Mother Doesn’t Know #2

Jag lånade båda böckerna samtidigt, och eftersom de inte tar så lång tid att läsa tänkte jag att jag kunde läsa den avslutande delen i serien också. Den var lite bättre, fast inte riktigt min typ av bok. Jag tycker om Robin mer än jag tyckte om Sophie, även om jag inte alltid tyckte om hans val alla gånger. Jag tycker inte riktigt om hur någon av karaktärerna tänker, det känns fel.

All Together Dead – Charlaine Harris
Series: Sookie Stackhouse #7

From Dead to Worse – Charlaine Harris
Series: Sookie Stackhouse #8

Dead and Gone – Charlaine Harris
Series: Sookie Stackhouse #9

It was a few weeks ago since I read Definitely Dead (#6), so I had to read a little before I remembered what had happened. These novels have been standing in my book case for some time waiting to be read. I am glad I picked them up.

I bought a few Sookie Stackhouse novels in a second hand store. That is why I do not have the matching covers. But, it has the same content and that is what counts.

Am not really sure what to say about this series. As you can see, this is the ninth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I think the series still is going forward. Charlaine Harris find new things to bring the story forward. In the last books we get to see more of Eric, I like him. He is one of my favourite characters. I like his personality. And, of course the fact that he is originally Swedish.

The Summer I Turned Pretty – Jenny Han
Series: Summer #1

I liked this novel. It is quite easy-read, light and cosy. I like the relationship Belly has with the boys. I like the idea that this series only take place during the summer. Even though I liked this book, I am not sure whether I want to read It’s Not Summer Without You, the sequel, or not. I like this ending, I am not sure I want to know what happens next.

This is a very summerish novel. This was a perfect book to read outside in the sun. Thinking about reading this one? Do it while it is still summer!

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